MS Word Document, 221KB. What is Manufacturing Law? UNISON works with employers on job evaluation exercises to expose pay inequalities. Don't presume you'll get the job. I have recently applied for a regrading of my job into a higher band and salary based on the fact that an identical job to mine was advertised internally with this higher grade and salary. Regrading and its implications 35 Q. Job review process for posts with an existing role-holder (support staff) Flowchart of job review process; For research staff on grades 6 and 7, there is specific guidance on re-grading. Band 200 to 500 existing post-holder regrading process. Related links. Labor and employment in Massachusetts, Jeffrey L. Hirsch, LexisNexis, loose-leaf Chapter 18: Termination of Employment This approach makes it easier to produce a grade and pay structure that is fair, even though it might cover lots of different types of job. Introduction 40 2. Manufacturing Laws are those regulations and statutes that relate to the manufacturing industry. Credentials confirmed by a Fortune 500 verification firm. Prepare to Apply for the Job . Regrading for research staff on grades 6 and 7. Human resource law: what you need to know now, NBI, 2015 . Human resource law from A to Z, NBI, 2017 . Job family frameworks. Permalink. In Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council v Bainbridge and others; Surtees and others v Middlesbrough Council [2008] EWCA Civ 885 the Court of Appeal upheld the decisions of two employment tribunals that temporary pay protection arrangements, introduced to cushion the impact of a job regrading exercise on a predominantly male group of employees, were indirectly discriminatory. Employee discharge and documentation, Lorman Education Services, 2008. While much has been made of the decline of manufacturing in the U.S. over the past 50 years, the industry remains an important part of the American economy, and, as such, an important part of the American legal landscape. Job Evaluation and Grading Support - good practice guide. Hiring and firing in Massachusetts, by John F. Adkins, MCLE, c2007. The job is dangerous and puts the employee’s health in crisis. Ask an Expert Ask a Solicitor Employment Law Questions How JustAnswer Works: Ask an Expert Experts are full of valuable knowledge and are ready to help with any question. The job evaluation unit and the job analysis process 40 ... * jobs linked to vacant posts on … ... As per the law, the employee must be given a full salary during the notice period. There may be a limited number of openings and, regardless of how well you did at your other job, there is no guarantee you will be the candidate selected for the new one. My employer agreed to this regrading and will be increasing my grade and salary from 01 April 2013. A few weeks ago I posted a query relating to a job regrading that an old ... My knowledge of employment law may be a little out of date, but if his contract of employment says his salary is £17,000 then reducing it to Taking on individual cases. Contact The law in the area of pay grading is complex and employers may take a long time to make changes. Employment Lawyers Can Answer Your Employment Law Questions. Once the notice period ends, salary and the other owed sums must be paid the employee before the end of the day. Reviewing decisions emanating from job evaluation 39 - 4 - Job Evaluation.doc .doc/c ornel/eb PAGE R. Quality assurance 40 1. Legality of job regrading - further information (too old to reply) Harry The Horse 2004-05-09 13:45:04 UTC.